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Family law and divorce solicitors in Belfast

Providing advice on family matters and divorce requires a calm, sensitive and understanding approach. In all cases, we offer the reassurance that our experience and professionalism will bring a resolution to even the most complex of family matters.

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Familial matters and disputes can be tough, but handling them sensitively and proactively is a part of what we do.

We provide advice to clients in all aspects of family law including the granting of non-molestation orders, residence of children and contact arrangements.

We understand that high emotions can often be a major player in familial matters, adding further layers of complexity to what can already seem like a challenging and stressful situation. But finding a workable and pragmatic solution is something we are proud to have ample experience in. It may take time, but we’ll be right by your side from day one, helping you make the right decisions as the proceedings progress.

Comprehensive support in 
all areas of family law
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Divorce and separation

Dealing with the consequences of matrimonial breakdown, including financial matters and the issue of child residence, can be distressing. Our family law practitioners can be trusted to provide a safe and sympathetic environment where such matters can be addressed sensitively. As a result, most of our divorce or separation cases are settled outside of court.

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Abuse can take on many forms, both inside and outside of the family home, and anyone can become a victim. We deal with matters of abuse in a compassionate and approachable manner, and with the understanding that simply coming to see us and asking questions could be an incredibly daunting and frightening experience for you. We deal sensitively and proactively with a variety of matters, which include child abuse, domestic abuse, and elder abuse.

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Financial arrangements

Financial arrangements and disputes arise in many areas of family law including marriage and divorce, division of childcare, and debt. Whatever the issue, we are here to help find the best possible, most practical solution for you. From pre-nuptial agreements and child maintenance to alimony and divorce settlements, our service is always empathetic and committed to acting in your best interests.

We also have expertise in lasting powers of attorney, in addition to wills, trusts and probate.

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Childcare arrangements

The breakdown of a marriage is invariably tougher when children are involved, and coming to an agreement that is satisfactory to both parents or guardians whilst serving the needs of the child can prove a serious challenge.

If you are struggling in any areas of childcare arrangements and finances, then coming to a formal agreement with the help of a mediator may be the best solution for you, as it will avoid the expense and emotional distress of going to court. No matter the outcome and legal steps involved, our team is always here to provide impartial and expert advice.

For family law and divorce solicitors who listen to your needs and approach your matter with compassion and understanding, speak to Mackenzie & Dorman today.
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